Saturday, August 29, 2009

About a 「D.Gray-man」(^^♪

These are 「D.Gray-man」!!!!!!
In Japan,vol.1~vol.19 are sold♪♪
In Brazil,vol.1~vol.5 are sold☆★
「D.Gray-man」's pictures are really beautiful!!
And also, story is very good ^^☆
I really recommend you to read it(●^o^●)
Thank you♪♪

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My most favorite comic !!

Today,I’ll introduce my most favorite comic 「D.Gray-man」 written by「Katsura Hoshino」♪♪
This story is about the battle between 「Akuma」and「Black order」!

Akuma」is the weapon made from 「machine」,「the soul of a deceased person」,and「tragedy」.
Millenium Earl 」makes and possesses 「Akuma」to lead the world to the end.
He tries to thick who have lost loved ones to turn their souls into 「Akuma」!
Akuma」 has ability to wear a human's skin,they are nearly undetectable by any human.
So,they are really terrible!
By the way,「Akuma」means 「demon」in Japanese.

Brack order」is a secretive organization which aims to stop the plan set in motion by the 「Millenium Earl」and save the world!
There are 「Exorcist」who is able to use an ancient substance called「Innocence」 which is able to brake 「Akuma」.
Innocences」 are lost in the world to defeat the 「Millenium Earl」.
So,「Exorcist」have to find all of them earlier than 「Millenium Earl」!

This story is very interesting(*^_^*)
Also,characters are very cool!!
My favorite character is「Yu Kanda」♥ He is really cool☆彡
I like this comic very much!!!!!!
By the way,in Brazil ,this comic is sold!!!

These site show about this comic in detail(^-^) (in Japanese)

Thank you(*^^)v


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First mail ^^

Hi! My name is AKI. I´m Japanese.
I think Japanese comics are very good!
So,I want to introduce some Japanese comics in this blog ^^
I´m happy , if you like it!!