Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today,I'll introduce 「InuYasya」 written by Rumiko Takahashi ^^
('Inu' means 'dog' in Japanese, 'Yasha' means 'a demon' in Japanese)
This comic has a lot of fans !  Of course,I'm one of them(*^^)v
It became the animation ,too. It was broadcasted on October 6,2006~ September13,2004.
But television run off the anime ceased without a conclusion to the story.
It made me really sad(T_T) 
BUT!!! I heard the really wonderful news!
It says the animation starts again on October 3 ,2009 in Japan!!!
It named "Inuyasya~The Final Act~".
Yes! This second anime series will bloadcast until the ending of the manga series!!!
What a wonderful news this is !! I'm really looking forward to watch it (><)
Then,I'll show you the summary of this story.
This story begins with a flashback to Feudal Japan , when the half-demon InuYasha raids a human village to steal the Jewel of Four Souls, a magical jewel that enhanses it wielder's powers and grant a single wish. InuYasha hopes to use the gem to turn himself into a full-blooded demon. But Kikyo who is young miko( stopped it by shooting
him with a sacred arrow,sealing him onto the sacred tree Goshinboku in the nearby forests. Kikyo tells her younger sister,Kaede, to burn the jewel with her body to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil.
The story then shifts to modern Tokyo,where a junior high school girl Kagome Higurashi who lives in the shrine. Surprisingly,she has travelled back through time to the Sengoku Period of Japan , fifty years aftr Kikyo's death from a well near her shrine.Then,she finds the InuYasha still sealed on to the tree in an enchanted sleep. And Kagome met Kaede.When Kaede saw her, she recognized Kagome as the raincarnation of her sister Kikyo; when the centipede demon returns Kaede realized that the Jewel of Four Souls has also been reborn in Kagome's body.The Jewel of Four Souls attracted more demons, and the jewel is shattered into numerous shards that disperse across Japan. Even the individual shards are capable of granting grate power , and are eagerly sought by demons and humans alike. Kagome frees InuYasya so he can kill the centepede demon,and they set out to collect the shards and restore the Jewel of Four Souls.Along the way, they befriend Shippo,a small fox demon;Miroku,a cursed monk;and Sango,a demon-slayer with a tragic past. They seek to find all the fragments of the Jewel of Four Souls and to keep them out of the hands of evildoers,especially Naraku , a powerful collective demon who manipulated the initial conflict between Kikyo and InuYasha.

This is very exciting adventure story!
There's a lot of nice characters♥ 
InuYasha,Sessyoumaru, Kouga, Miroku・・・Ah! There's a lot(><)♥
I really recommend you to read this♪

These sites introduce "InuYasha" in details. (about the second animation in Japanese) (about the second animation in Japanese)

Please read,if you like it♪
Thank you ^^☆

Friday, September 11, 2009

「Detective Conan」


Today,I'll introduce 「Detective Conan」(known as 「Case Closed 」in English) written by Gosho Aoyama(●^o^●)
This is really famous detective manga in Japan.
It has a great popularity from the wide generation.
There are thirteen feature films based on the 「Detective Conan」 series , and all of them are really popular !
I'll show you the summary of this comic.

Shinichi Kudo (in the center of the second picture),a gifted 17-year-old high school detective who frequently works with the police is this comics main character . He is really famous and popular detective . But, one day, he was attacked by two members of a mysterious crime syndicate while investigating a case of blackmail. He was drugged with a newly-developed drug that is supposed to kill him , but due to a rare side effect unknown to the two men , the drug transformed his body into that of a seven-year-old instead! In order to hide his identity and investigate the whereabouts of the syndicate, called the Black Organization(because the member of this organization always wearing black clothes), he adapts the pseudonym Conan Edogawa(in the front of the second picture) . To search for leads to the syndicate, he moves in with his childhood friend Ran Moori whose father Kogorou Moori is the private investigator. Of course, they don't know that Conan is Shinichi . He also enrolls into Teitan elementary school . Even as Conan , Shinichi continues solving criminal cases, posing as Kogorou Moori with the help of the special gadgets . And he looks for clues about the Black Organization .

This comic is really interesting!
There are various kinds of cases.
I like mystery books ♪
So, I like this comic really much and I have most of comics^^
My most favorite character is Kid the Phantom Thief ♪(in the first picture)
He is really cool!! He is really famous and popular thief.
He knows Conan's secret , but keeps it .
And he sometimes helps Conan !
He is a thief , but really good guy !!

These sites introduce 「Detective Conan」in details .

I really recomend you to read this comic^^♪
Thank you ☆ミ

Thursday, September 10, 2009

「Black Butler」(Kuroshitsuji)

Today,I'll introduce 「Black Butler」(Kuroshitsuji in Japanese) written by Yana Toboso.

This is story about a butler Sebastian Michaelis and his master Ciel Phantomhive .
Ciel Phantomhive (wearing blue clothes in second picture )is the twelve-year-old head of the English Phantomhive noble family taking over after the deaths of his parents. He runs Funtom Company which manufactures toys and sweets. Under his lead, the company grew into a major corporation. His parents were killed by someone . This tragedy changed him, making him not want to lose anyone important again.
And the Phantomhive family is the sectret executive agency controlled directly by the Queen and are often referred to as the " Evil Nobleman" and the "Queen's Watchdogs".They are tasked with eliminating any evidence of the royal family's wrongdoings by anymeanings necessary.This is their work in the demiworld.
His butler Sebastian Michaelis (wearing a black swallow-tail coat) is a demon ! He made the Faustian contract with him.
Sebastian is highly skilled in any area and handles every task, no matter how impossible it is ,as well as any problem that arises from the errors of the other staff with ease, stating it is only natural as the butler to the Phantomhive family. Until the terms of their contract are met , Sebastian must keep Ciel alive. There are pentacle on Sebastian's left hand and Ciel's right eye.
This is the sign of Faustian contract between them. They solve the problems plaguing England together.

This comic is becoming popular in Japan.
This story is really interesting and exciting♪
I like both Sebastian and Ciel, beacause they are always full of confidence.
And also, we can see lot of characters with a striking personality in this comic.
By the way, the people in the first picture are servants in Phantomhive family.
These site shows this comic in details !

Please read,if you like(*^^)v
Thank you ☆★

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My favorite characters in 「REBORN!」

This time , I'll talk about my favorite characters in 「Katekyo Hitman REBORN!」.
My favorite characters are Dino and Hibari ♪

First,I'll talk about Dino^^
He is the person with the golden hair in the second picture.
He is the 22-year-old tenth generation boss of the Chiavorone Family which is part of the Vongola Family alliance.
He is a young man with great skills as a fighter and a leader.
Reborn's chameleon Leon created his main weapons ,a whip and Enzo,which is a turtle which grows in size and rampages when soked in water.
Like Tsuna,Dino,at first, was a klutz who did not want anything to do with Mafia,but he becamea suitable Mafia boss after Reborn became his home tutor.
He became to known as a "Bucking-Horse Dino"and turning Chiavorone Family into the third most influential family.
He is really strong,but his skills decrease dramatically when none of his family members are around,often accidentally hitting people with his whip and falling down the stairs.
He is a senior member of a group for Tsuna!
I like him ,because he is so devoted to his family members.
And also,He is really kindly to people in general ,though he is a Mafia.
He always fight to protect someone. He is so cool!!
I think he is really fine boss!
Secondly,I'll talk about Hibari^^
He is the person with the black hair in the first picture.
He is the leader of Namimori(Tsuna and their friend's junior high school) Disciplinary Committee.
He is an excellent but violent fighter himself, who uses a pair of tonfa as his primary weapons.
Though he uses his status to harass others, he actually has great pride in his school and has a soft side toward animals.
In fact, he is always along with the bird which was named "Hibird".
However,students are not the only ones who fear him,teachers and other towns residents know of him as well since he enforces his form of order throughout the entire town.
His catchphrase is "I'll beat you to death"(kamikorosuyo),which he says to everyone who he is ready to fight.
He prefers to be alone,usually beating up those who crowd near him.
He is a member of the Vongola(Tsuna's) family.
He is really interested in Reborn because of his great skills as a fighter.
I like him,because he is so cool !
He is scarely,but really strong fighter!!
He has strength in various aspects !
I think he is nice♪
This comic has lot of individual characters♪
Please read,if you like^^
Thank you(●^o^●)

My most favorite character♥

This time,I'll talk about my most favorite character 「Yu Kanda」^^♡
He is the character in a 「D.Gray-man」☆
He is a cold and rude 18-year-old Exorcist from Japan.
He get angly when someone call him by his first name(Yu). I don 't know why.
He is a disciple of General Tiedoll and hates the fatherly way th e man treats him.
His anti-akuma weapon 「Mugen (which means six illusion in Japanese)」 is a Innocence that originally took the form of a sleek chokuto(which means straight sword in Japanese) and is lator reforged as a katana (which means Japanese sword in Japanese).
He is really strong Exorcist!!
But always rouses somebody's antipathy,because he is a cruel person.
He is on extremely bad terms with Allen Walker(the main character).
They have an on going lothing toward each other which often causes them to declare a series of insults and offensive statements toward each other.
He can recover much faster than ordinally humans due to a mysterious tattoo above his heart.
He refuses to die until he finds " a certain person".

At first, I didn't like Kanda.
Because he said something cruel to his comrade.
So, I thought what a cruel person he is .
But , while I can go on reading it, I could understand him.
He looks cruel person, but I think he is not.
For example,when Exorcists met an enemy,he said
「I'll fight with him alone. You can leave me and advance. This is not for you.It's just because this is work.」
But ,of course,other people didn't want to do that ,because he is a comrade of them.
Then, Kanda said,「Leave me and advance,or I'll kill you!」
At last, he attacked them!!
Of course,everybody got angry and advanced without Kanda.
After that,he heaved a deep sign.
Don't you think he is a kindly person?
I think he is a kindly person!
He always talk bluntly and do cruel behavior.
But there are always kindness behind it !
So,I got to like Kanda^^♥
I think he is really nice♪♪

There are a lot of fine characters in this comic(*^^)v
You should read it(●^o^●)

Thank you☆ミ

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Hi ♪^^♪
Today,I'll introduce 「Katekyo Hitman REBORN!」written by Akira Amano^^
This title's 「Katekyo」is abbreviation of a 「Kateikyousi」which means 「home tutor」in English.

This story revolves around a boy named 「Tsunayoshi Sawada」.
He is a junior high school student and always called 「Dametsuna(No good Tsuna)」.
Because of his poor grades,bad luck,and luck of athleticism.
He is normally insecure ,considering himself a loser.
But suddenly,his life changes completely since home tutor「Reborn」 came!!
He looks like a baby. But , in fact , he is a really powerful hitman!!
He send to Tsuna's house to teach how to become a respectable boss of mafia!!
Because,he was chosen to become the Vongola Family's boss due to him being the great-great-
great grand son of the first Vongola's boss. Also,the other candidate for the position of the head
of the Vongola Family died.For those reasons,Tsuna is the only remaining heir.
Then,Tsuna unwillingly undergoes training from Reborn.
With Reborn's help,Tsuna starts confrontinf his feears and befriends with several people,with
some of them becoming his guardians in the Vongola family.

This comic is really famous in Japan☆
In this comic, we can see that Tsuna unconsciously becomes stronger and more confident with
his friends through various kinds of experiences.
My favorite characters are Dino and Hibari

These sites introduces 「Katekyo Hitman REBORN!」in details.

Please read,if you like♪
Thank you(*^_^*)