Friday, October 23, 2009

Japanese comics are different!!

OMG! I realized that I forgot to tell you important thing!
There's a big difference between Japanese comics and some other country's comics.

Look at the pictures below.

The comic in Brazil " Monica" written by Mauricio.

The comic in Japan " The Detective CONAN" written by Gosho Aoyama.

Could you find the difference?

Comic in Brazil ⇒ opens from right to left.

Comic in Japan ⇒ opens from left to right.

You can see this difference in books,too.
I think most of the country's comics are same as comics inBrazil.

BE CAREFUL!! Japanese comics are different!
If you opens from right...You will know the ending before reading the story(><)

And the next picture shows HOW TO READ the Japanese comics.

I took this from "D.Gray-man"(Portugues version) written by Katsura Hoshino .
But I couldn't take it very well(/_;) Sorry... this picture is difficult to see (--;)
Can you see the numbers 1~13? This is the order of reading.

And there's one more difference♪ Let's compare next two pictures.
" Monica" - I bought this comic because my Portugues teacher said this comic is
really good one to study Portugues. Year, I agree. This comic meets my
level of Portugues . I can draw CEBOLINHA's face. It's easy.kkk


"The Detective CONAN”- This cover is really cute,isn'this? This comic always uses
the cover which is related to the story. In volume 51, the cat
appears on the story. So, this cover was chosen. By the way,
this is author's cat. How cute!...and what a lucky cat! kkk

Anyway, could you find the difference?
The answer is...
Most of Japanese comics has a good book jacket♪
I think other country's comic doesn't have such a book jacket.

And... there's a secret related to book jacket!(^^)!
I want to tell it now...but, I think this post already has too many pictures and imformation(><)
So, I'll tell you it in the next post(*^^)v
Good -bye till next post (^^♪

Thank you )^o^( ♥

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Your posts are always so informative, and I love all of the pictures; they're very helpful.