Monday, December 28, 2009

「The Prince of Tennis」

Hi ^^
Today,I'll introduce 「The Prince of Tennis」 written by Takeshi Konomi.
This comic is famous and popular in Japan. ( These days, part 2 was started.)
In fact, there's a lot of people started playing tennis because of this comic.
And also, it was adapted into an anime series,animated movie,live action movie , and stage musicals. Then, I'll show you the summary of this comic.

The protagonist of this comic is Ryoma Echizen (wearing the white hat)is portrayed as a twelve year old tennis prodigy who won four consecutive Junior Tennis Tournamants in America. His father is Nanjiro Echizen, a former tennis pro nicknamed "Samurai Nanjiro". At his father's request, Ryoma returans to Japan in order to attend Seisyun Academy, a private middle school famous for its strong tennis team and talented players. Ryoma quickly defeats numerous upperclassmen shortly after entrance to secure himself a spot as a one of the team's regulars(second picture). In pursuit of their ultimate goal of winning the National Middle School Tennis Championship, members of the team fight against various kinds of tennis players(some of them are in the third picture) and make new friends while learning and mastering increasingly complex techniques. Ryoma also begins to develop his own style of tennis, and eventually realizes what the sport really means to him.

All of the characters in this comic have a strong personality.
There's a lot of attractive characters.
In fact, my favorite characters are Atobe, Kikumaru, Momoshiro, Kaidoh,Kamio,Akutsu, Shishido, Saeki, Shiraishi, and,,,Ah! There's too many attractive characters(><;)

This comic is interesting because there's various kinds of characters, tennis styles, and techniques.
These sites show about 「The Prince of Tennis」 in details.

I recommend you to read this comic☆
Thank you ^^♪


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Oh wow. A series, an animated movie, a live action movie, and a stage musical? That does sound popular. Have you seen them all?

akig said...

I have never seen a stage musical(><)
I have a friend who watched all of them !(^^)!
She said stage musicals were also interesting and wonderful♪
My family like this series because we like playing tennis^^♪