Sunday, March 14, 2010

「I give my first love to you」

Today, I'll introduce you 「I give my first love to you」(Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu) written by Kotomi Aoki.
This is very popular comic for girls in Japan.
It was cinematized as a live-action movie in 2009.
Then, I'll show you the summary of this comic.

Takuma Kakinouchi is a patient with heart disease who went into the hospital since he was a child. This story begins with his childhood when he went into the hospital. When he was in the hospital, he always played with Mayu Taneda (same age with Takuma), who is the daughter of a doctor in charge of Takuma. They were very good friends. But, one day, accidentally, Mayu heard Takuma will not able to live until 20 years old. She was really shocked and began to worry about Takuma. Then, she asked him to go out of the hospital at night and look for a four-leaf clover with her, because she heard the story that a four-leaf clover can grant any wishes. She believed that if she can find a four-leaf clover, Takuma's disease will recover. They went to under the bridge to look for a four-leaf clover together. However, they couldn't find it and Mayu began crying. Then, Takuma kissed her and proposed to her by saying " Can you marry me when we grow up?" ( He doesn't know he will die before he becomes 20years old.) Mayu accepted his proposal and said " When we become 20years old, we'll marry. This is promise!!" Then, she cried. Takuma didn't know why she was crying at that time. Then, when he became an elementary school student, he left hospital and begun goint to school with Mayu. They were always together. But, one day, accidentally Takuma knew the truth that he can't live until 20years old. Then, he noticed the reason why she cried and the meaning of the responce to his proposal. He knew that he noticed that he can't keep promise of marriage and can't make her happy. He still loved her. However, because he knew such a truth, he began to treat her coldly to be apart from her. However, Mayu still follows him because she loves him and want to be with him even if he can't live until 20years old. Both of them fight against their distiny with a lot of sufferings.

This is an advance billing of live-action movie. Sorry, it's Japanese(/_;)
This comic is one of the my favorite comics for girls.
I really impressed when I read it.
So, I really recommend you to read this.
These sites show about 「I give my first love to you」 in details. (about live-actioin movie in Japanese) ( official site of Kotomi Aoki in Japanese)

Thank you^^♪


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

How tragic! I can see why girls would like it, though. So does the story have a conclusion? I know you probably don't want to give away the ending here, but now I'm curious!

Jayden Ellis said...

Ok I'm gunna be a jerk and give the ending away.It's up to you to think whether he lives or dies since there is no real answer to that since she is reading his will while he is having his surgery at the end of the will it said if he was to die mayu should go fall in love with someone else and fulfill his life long wish of having kids then it shows her with two kids and a man who's face you can't see, although the last page shows takuma's face although people think it's just his desire if he would to live so imaginary i really cannot stand sad things so i prefer to believe he is alive and that was the ending although it's really up to the reader since it's a open ending.