Thursday, May 13, 2010

「High School Debut」

Today, I`ll introduce you 「High School Debut」which is written by Kazune Kawahara.
This is a comic for girls which is popular in Japan. According to wikipedia, the series was adopted as a drama CD and as a series of six write novels.
And also, the comic is licenced in North America by Viz Media, which published English editions of all 13 volumes . ( the first picture above)
Then,I'll show you the summary of this comic.
Haruna Nagashima bellonged to the softball team when she was in junior high school. She gave her all to softball in junior high school. At that time, softball was everything for her and she didn't care other things. At that time, she had boyish haircut and didn't have opportunity to fall in love with someone. Now , she became high school student . Then, she has made her high school debut, she has decided to give her all for a new goal: getting a boyfriend and falling in love. However, she has one small problem—since she never paid any attention to fashion or trends in middle school, she has no idea what she has to do to achieve that goal. But a chance encounter when she met Yoh Komiyama who has really good looks and popular among girls. If he coaches her in how to become attractive, surely she can find herself a boyfriend. Therefore, she asked him to coach her. At first, he didn't accept because it seemed ridiculous. However, he changed his mind because he knew she is really hard worker. The second picture above is the scene hwen Yoh told Haruna that he can coach her. It's written in Japanese. So,I'll translate to English. It says ,,,
Yoh ` I can be your coach.`
Haruna ` Really,,,?`
Yoh ` It's just because I am inclined to do so. Don't cry. It's annoying.`

Yoh then agrees to coach Haruna after her great persistence, but he tells her she mustn't fall in love with him. He has had girlfriend when he was in junior high school. But, something happened and it became bad memory for Yoh. Since that time, he became feel lazy to have girlfriend. That love became trauma to him. That's why he told Haruna that she mustn't fall in love with him. At first, Haruna agreed it. However, little by littele, she is attracted by Yoh. The story from then follows Haruna as she debates whether she should confess to Yoh, or keep her secret to herself.

Yoh is really cool guy (><)♡
One of my friends loves this comic. She really loves Yoh . kkkkk
Haruna is active and honest girl. She tries really hard to succeed in her love.
I really recommend you to read 「High School Debut」.

Thank you (^^♪


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Cute. Sounds like something that would be popular for middle and high school age girls.

What do YOU like about this comic? Do you not love Yoh as much as your friend does? It seems odd to me that a popular guy would take the time to teach a girl how to be attractive. What's his motivation?

Also, parts of this post seem to be taken directly from another source. You must give appropriate credit to the original material. Let me know if you want to redo this for credit.

akig said...

Yoh became interested in her since he watched the video of Haruna's softball game. He knew Haruna is really hard worker by watching that video. Therefore, he decided to teach her.

Actually,I took the summary from wikiperdia since I didn't have time to post because I had to study for IB EXAM. Now,I'll redo it since my exam is over.